Airport City Development Co., Ltd. (ACL) was established in December, 2004, a limited liability company funded by Capital Airports Holding Company, Global Logistics Properties Co., Ltd. (GLP for short) and Beijing Hangda Investment Company Limited. Beijing Airport City Blue Sky Property Management Co., Ltd.and Beijing Time Translink International Logistics Service Co., Ltd. .... more>>

Congratulations on the Company's Move to a Ne... On October 15, 2018, ACL moved into the new office>

The new office area is artistic and wi...
The signing ceremony of the “Sister Airport ... In order to enhance the friendly relationship with Munich Airport and open up field of cooperation...(2015.03.31)
解读“一带一路”掘金指南 新华社北京2015年3月10日新媒体专电“一带一路”在今年的全国两会上被频频提及,李克强总理在政府工作...(2015.03.10)
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